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Not Listening to Guests Harms Your Rankings on TripAdviser, and other OTAs.

Manage and improve your online reputation with our powerful cloud-based solution. Deliver better guest experiences and increase your rankings on review sites and OTAs

"ReviewPro influences how we connect with our guests because it gives us insights into what we have to do to make our guest's experience better. The data helps with that a lot." Inntel Hotels

+60k global accommodation providers use our platform

Still Wasting Budget by Making Decisions Without the Right Data?

Leverage review analytics to prioritize operational and service enhancements that deliver better guest experiences and exceed guest expectations. Better guest experiences mean better reviews and online reputation.

Reputation = Revenue

A 1 point increase in a hotel’s Global Review Index™ equals up to
In Occupancy

Leverage online reviews to increase revenue

A1-point increase in your hotel’s Global Review Index™️ can lead to an increase of up to 1.42% in RevPAR

Reputation= Revenue

Outperform your competitors

Gain detailed competitive insight and identify strengths and weaknesses, across more than 475 hospitality-specific concepts, compared to your direct competitors

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Not Listening to Guests Harms Your Rankings on TripAdviser, and other OTAs.

Each timea guestleavesyourpropertyhavinghada badexperience,youriska negative online review.

Negative online reviews reduce the chances guests will book with you.

You can actively create positive reviews by creating great guest experiences.

Leverage the Power of Hotel Reputation to Put You Back in Control of Your Online Reputation

Actively understanding and improving guest experience safe guards your online reputation and rankings on OTAs and review sites. Hotels with better online reputation enjoy more bookings, better RevPAR, increased ADR and gain more revenue.

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Understand What Drives Guest Experience at Your Property.

Our semantic analysis tool clearly indicates categories negatively and positively affecting the experience at your property.  

Monitor and Track Reviews in Realtime

Track what people are saying about your hotel and brand in real-time using our powerful, yet simple dashboard which features automatic alerts to help proactively engage with guests and take action as needed.

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Improve Your Review Response Time and Quality

Use the direct response API and review response templates to save time responding to reviews from an easy-to-use dashboard, improving turnaround time and enhancing brand image and guest loyalty.

These Brands Are Already Leveraging Guest Feedback to Improve Revenue. When Will You?

Archipelago International

ReviewPro allows us to solve any problems with theguest while they’re at the property, so we don’t hear about it after they haveleft via a negative review.