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Guest Surveys Help You Truly Understand The Experience at Your Property

Whether via an in-stay feedback survey or post-stay guest satisfaction survey, there is no better way to gain insight into the real guest experience at your hotel.

With our easy-to-implement, fully customizable solutions you can start collecting meaningful data and improve guest experience at your hotel, today.

"With ReviewPro's incredible quantitative possibilities and with our passion for using data in real-time scenarios we have seen growth that we have not seen before as an organization" Edwardian Hotels, London.

+60k global accommodation providers use our platform

Still Wasting Budget by Making Decisions Without The Right Data?

With intelligent guest surveys you can create in-stay or post-stay guest surveys that pinpoint what guests like or dislike.
Positively impact your bookings, online reputation, and revenue.

Reputation = Revenue

A 1 point increase in a hotel’s Global Review Index™ equals up to
In Occupancy

Collecting Survey Responses Helps Improve ADR & RevPAR

Use deeper insight into operational/service strengths and weaknesses to deliver excellence and exceed expectations, while increasing revenue.

Reputation= Revenue

Guest Satisfaction Surveys Increase Review Volume & Rankings on TripAdvisor

Participate in the TripAdvisor Review Collection program to help build review volume/freshness and drive more referrals

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Not Monitoring Guests Via Feedback Surveys Harms Your Rankings on TripAdviser, and other OTAs.

Each time a guest leaves your property having had a bad experience, you risk a negative online review.

Leverage in-stay surveys to ensure no guest leave unsatisfied.

Leverage post-stay surveys to gather specific, segmented insights.

Guest Surveys Put You Back in Control of Your Guest Experience

Actively understanding and improving guest experience safeguards your online reputation and rankings on OTAs and review sites. Hotels with better online reputation enjoy more bookings, better RevPAR, increased ADR and gain more revenue.

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Personalised Guest Surveys Help Really Understand What Drives Better Experiences at Your Property.

Our semantic analysis tool clearly indicates the categories mentioned by your guests (negatively and positively) so you can see what is affecting the experience at your property.

Feedback Surveys That Prioritise Flexibility & Ease of Use

Quickly create and send customized surveys in up to 36 languages. We offer the flexibility to have a core survey and create question modules based on specific hotels, segments or guest types.

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Apply Advanced Question Logic to Your Surveys

Display or hide questions based upon guest responses, making the feedback survey more relevant to each guest and giving you more detailed data to help prioritize operational, service or product related improvements.

These Brands Are Already Leveraging Guest Feedback Surveys to Improve Revenue. When Will You?

Archipelago International

ReviewPro allows us to solve any problems with the guest while they’re at the property, so we don’t hear about it after they have left via a negative review.