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Do I Need A Case Management System For My Hotel?

A case management system allows a hotel to keep track of the follow-up of guest feedback and requests, while also allowing you to automate your operational processes. Case automation offers two main benefits: it allows you to streamline your operational processes across the organization and gives you insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

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A Case Management System Allows Standardization

When you implement a case management system, you can automate any operational processes you have in place. This goes both for the follow-up of guest feedback and guest requests. For example, when a negative review comes in about breakfast, an automatic case can be created to ensure a staff member replies to that review. Another advantage is that you can also create a case for your Food & Beverage manager to look into the complaint, so no issue goes unnoticed.

Equally as important is automating your processes when a guest request comes in. Often a request needs to travel a while before ending in the hands of the relevant department or it can even get lost leaving the request unhandled. By automating the process you can set up a standardized process for everyone, so everyone knows at all times what is expected from them. You can then be assured a request always goes to the right department and is solved within a pre-determined timeframe. If a deadline is not met, the case can be escalated to another department to make sure the request is looked at and if that department was not able to solve the request, higher management can be informed to resolve the matter.

Gain Insight into Operational Strengths and Weaknesses

Besides streamlining operations, you will also have visibility on what improvements you should prioritize. The case management system will give you visibility on the most recurring issues and their causes, showing you a detailed analysis of how many requests were handled promptly and what were the most frequent solutions. For example, if you receive a lot of complaints about little breakfast offerings, you know you can prioritize a change in breakfast.

By keeping an eye on your incoming cases and the methods of resolution, you can also discover possible service and operational flaws. If, for instance, you notice a lot of your maintenance requests are not solved on time, you can look into ways of improving the process.

In the end, implementing a case management system will allow your operations to be faster and more efficient by having instant access to what is happening all around your business and with streamlined processes all across the organization.

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