Introducing the first-ever infographic for the Q1 2024 Guest Experience Benchmark Report!  Download it here.

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Guest Communications

Automate great guest communication at every stage of the journey.

Innovating the guest experience

Deliver the next generation of guest experience by facilitating fluid, open communication with your guests on the channel of their choice. Ensure that messaging is scalable with an AI-driven chatbot and automation. Data analysis provides full visibility on what’s driving operational success at your property.

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We automate, you communicate

A.I. powered hotel chatbot

Provide your guests with the information they need, when they need it. Answer up to 80% of repetitive hotel questions, leaving the complex cases to your team.​ Read more

Automated outbound communication

Personalized proactive guest communication before, during, or after stay provides timely and relevant information or offers.  ​

Quick & easy follow-up

Set up guest requests to automatically generate a case, ensuring your team follows up quickly and correctly. Read more.

Third-party integrations

Our platform integrates with many of the other leading platforms you are already using, so you can get the most out of your investment from day one. Read more.

Anytime, anywhere, effortless.

 A.I. communication strategies that work for you

Set up guest communication strategies that fit your needs and your organization, whether you need a full-time or part-time chatbot, or maybe just the AI-powered agent support.

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A dozen channels, one inbox

Meet your guests where they are. Communicate with them via their favorite channels, like WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat, Instagram, and more, from one central inbox.

The know-it-all you will love

Our chatbot is pre-trained to respond to over 400 hospitality-related questions, solving over 80% of your incoming guest queries, and successfully routing your incoming requests to the relevant team member.

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Drive guest engagement with one link

Ensure successful guest adoption with minimal investment and share all your messaging services with one simple link, using our easy-to-use landing page builder.


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