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Competitor Analysis

Gain unprecedented insight into your competitors’ performance.

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Neil James COO at ReviewProicone video play reviewpro solutions for hotels

Neil James

COO at ReviewPro

"Our clients love this feature! Benchmarking guest feedback data is key for a hotel’s pricing strategy and this is a way for them to have a peek into their competitor's scores, whether that is for their online reputation or NPS. The aim is to give hoteliers a clear and easy tool to benchmark their performance against rival brands or even other properties within the brand, so they can understand how they position themselves in the market."

Henri-Pierre Valdeolivasicone video play reviewpro solutions for hotels

Henri-Pierre Valdeolivas

Sales Director at ReviewPro

"ReviewPro has been consistent in anticipating change with current and future hospitality needs. It's gratifying to work with tools that are visionary and constantly evolving. I thrive on the feedback from happy, passionate, and engaged clients and it motivates me to offer my best."

Hazal Muftuogluicone video play reviewpro solutions for hotels

Hazal Muftuoglu

Turkey Territory & Sales Manager at ReviewPro

"ReviewPro is a place I feel supported by my colleagues, get to meet hundreds of hoteliers from around the globe, and get to learn about a product that is continuously improving and evolving. I love it!"

Raymond Koomeicone video play reviewpro solutions for hotels

Raymond Koome

Director of Technical Integrations and Client Content at ReviewPro

"I like the fact that I am actively helping global hoteliers to help their own clients and that each and every team member works hard to support this aim. It's a fast paced and international environment which gives high job satisfaction at the end of the day."

Danica Smithicone video play reviewpro solutions for hotels

Danica Smith

Director of Product Engagement at ReviewPro

"Working at ReviewPro is pretty motivating, we all share the same grit, determination, and passion for our jobs and the hospitality industry. Apart from that, we have the most amazing guest experience platform that I truly believe every hotel in the world needs. I love the lightbulb moments when we can see the impact we are having on our clients' guest experience strategies."

Outperform your competitors

Gain detailed competitive insight, and benchmark results against direct competitors on a hotel or brand level. Compare reputation scores and review volume over 140 sources, and compare areas such as language and country. 

Set goals and benchmark your results relative to competitors for key indexes like the GRI™, management response rate, and NPS®.

Our Competitive Quality Index (CQI)™ provides an easy metric to identify whether you are performing above or below your competitive set. You can use the CQI™ to measure your market share of guest satisfaction relative to competitors. 

Benchmark your key indicators against your direct competitors:
Benchmark your online performance
Compare your Net Promotor Score®
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Leverage sentiment intelligence

Gain visibility into what guests say about your direct competitors online, so you can identify revenue opportunities and understand what they do better than you and why.

Benchmark strengths and weaknesses across +700 hospitality-specific concepts, compared to your direct competitors on an individual or brand level. Identify opportunities to increase bookings, review volume, and guest satisfaction.

Use insights to improve brand positioning, operations, and sales & marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

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Internal benchmarking

Encourage a healthy dose of competition, and benchmark your hotel performance against other properties within your group, or brand with Internal Rankings.

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guest experience platform

You can leverage competitor benchmarking in these products.

Hotel Reputation

Analyze, understand, and measure online reputation results using the Global Review Index™️, a proprietary algorithm based on data collected from 45 languages across 140 review sites. Benchmark competitors, make data driven decisions, and watch your reputation and revenue grow.

Guest Surveys

Fully customizable surveys that gather the data you need to make smart operational decisions. Collect information via in-stay or post-stay surveys at any stage of the journey, via any device. Gain valuable insights by filtering your results based on PMS filters, and analyze the feedback with powerful sentiment analysis technology.

Guest Experience Platform

Our powerful guest experience platform allows you to aggregate, view and manage all your guest feedback and competitors’ data in one central dashboard, so you can make data driven decisions and collect fresh information at key touchpoints across the guest journey whether that is in the form of a review, survey response, or messages.


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