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How Do You Use Hotel Case Management To Automate Tasks?

To increase operational efficiency and ensure better follow-up, many hoteliers look at hotel case management systems to help them automate tasks.  

What Is Hotel Case Management?

hotel case management

Hotel case management refers to an automated task management system, specialized for hospitality businesses and workflows. By setting up automation rules, an alert will be triggered based on specific parameters, encouraging staff members to react promptly.  

How does a Case Management System Work?

A hotel case management system allows hoteliers to manage and track tasks from creation to completion from one central dashboard.

The alerts from a hotel case management system can be initiated from various sources, soliciting several types of action. It can be via guest feedback, like online reviews and guest surveys, or directly from the guest, such as guest requests or complaints.

The task immediately alerts the right department, based on automation rules previously established. The team member will see what the issue is, what needs to be done, and within what timeframe. Once the task is finished and updated on the platform, the task will disappear from their To-Do list. However, for urgent tasks, escalation rules can be set. So, when a task is not completed before the due date, higher management can be alerted to step in.

From that same platform, you can monitor performance analytics to keep track of how cases are handled. Are all cases completed? Have they been completed on time? How have they been resolved? All analytics are kept on a performance board and can be created into reports.

Why Do Businesses Need a Case Management System?

Introducing a hotel case management system into your operations can help hoteliers in several ways:

  1. Drive efficiency: automated alerts are automatically sent to the right team member for immediate action, avoiding requests to travel via various staff members before being handled.
  1. Streamline: as staff will be automatically alerted when they need to action something, they will always know what to do and when.
  1. Standardize: by setting up automation rules from a central platform, you can standardize procedures and ensure your entire organization follows internal service standards.  
  1. Engage staff: create comprehensive but relevant reports and dashboard views for your staff, which empowers them to focus their efforts where it matters most.
  1. Increase visibility: you will have full visibility on how follow-up is actioned, and by reporting on the cause of recurring issues, you can get to the roots of the problem, and make data-driven CAPEX decisions.

A hotel case management system helps hotels to maximize their staff efforts. Simplifying their day-to-day tasks boosts better follow-up on guest requests and guest feedback, allowing them to serve their guests better, prevent negative reviews, and eventually deliver better guest experiences.

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