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How Should Hotels Approach Automation?

It is really important to find the right balance between human intervention and automated processes.

As there are many ways that hotels can automate their operations, some hotels may feel the need to automate everything at once. However, taking it step by step is key:

  • Make sure that everything’s very well implemented and functional
  • Your team need to be familiar with the new processes and procedures
  • Be flexible towards your guests and offer them options (e.g. having an option to speak to a live agent in a hotel chatbot

Hotels are opting for technology that’s scalable and flexible, therefore adding in technology that will scale will really ease the strain on your organization – it runs in the background and ideally you won’t even know it’s there.  

Hotels also need flexible technology that can easily integrate with the systems that you already have existing and allows you to adapt and fit within your organization’s needs.  

How to Train Hotel Staff on Automation

If hotel staff are not engaged with the new technology implemented, then the automation project may not be a success either. It is natural that staff could be wary, because some perceive automation and new types of technologies as a threat. Therefore, it’s vital to onboard and train staff so that they really comprehend that automations are here to help them through challenging and unpredictable situations.  

Nowadays, hotels are running on leaner teams with fewer resources, so the need for hotel automation has become greater, as organizations have had to do more with less and be as efficient as possible. As recovery is going to be far from linear, automation can allow your staff and your brand to be more agile and more flexible at the end of the day.

Ultimately, hospitality will always be about delivering great guest experiences, and that is exactly what automation is here to help support.

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