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What Is Auto Case Management?

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Auto Case management is an automated task system for hoteliers that notifies or escalates cases to the right people when action is needed. Auto Case Management can be used on two different levels: automated cases can be triggered via guest feedback in online reviews and guest survey responses, or by direct guest requests or complaints.

How does Auto Case Management for Guest Feedback Work?

Auto Case Management is used to manage guest feedback and support a correct management response strategy. Auto case rules are set in place by the property according to specific needs, such as monitoring mentions of illness, cleanliness, or monitoring negative reviews from certain OTAs or review sites. This ensures that even when there is an overwhelming volume of feedback coming in, hoteliers know which reviews require urgent attention and which ones can be answered later.

Auto Case Management (ACM) helps to process the feedback according to your rules and organization in real-time: as soon as the feedback is received, ACM makes sure the right people get a notification of what action is required on their part and by when. Escalation rules can also be set so that if cases are not answered within a set timeframe, the case is passed on to higher management.

This solution can be linked to incoming reviews so that the correct departments get alerted. For example, a negative review on cleanliness can create a case for the housekeeping staff to look into and resolve the issue, a rule can also be set so that if the case hasn’t been resolved and closed by a certain timeframe, it is automatically passed on to another workgroup or the management. Other mentions, like allergy, can be set to trigger a case to be sent directly to the general manager.

How Can Auto Case Management Help?

Auto Case Management also gives you data on your property – visibility on what issues are reported, the root causes, the solutions, through what channels are issues most often reported, how effective departments are at resolving issues, etc.

Just recently, Auto Case Management has been incorporated with the ReviewPro chatbot. For example, if a guest requests something through the chatbot, like room service, a case is automatically sent to the correct department who can then deal with it. The purpose of ACM is to automate a quicker follow-up so that the requests immediately go to the right hands without having to travel through too many people and departments.

By acting on important guest feedback quickly and efficiently, you can ensure the timely resolution of issues that negatively impact guests’ stays and improve the guest experience.

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