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What Technologies Support Hotel Automation And How?

Guest messaging is one of the key pieces of technology that support hotel automation. A hotel chatbot can do many things simultaneously, such as:

  • Automate responses to frequently asked questions
  • Deliver support to guests any time of day or night
  • Answer guests in various language
  • Free up time of front desk staff and contact centers

How Can Hotels Automate Outbound Communication?

Hoteliers can use technology is to automate outbound communication. Although this concept is relatively new, it is still being mentioned more and more within the hospitality industry nowadays. Through outbound automated communication, hotels can now send out clear and concise messaging to guests easily.  

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For example, if you want to inform your guests of all the latest Covid-19 restrictions, you can automate an email or WhatsApp message to be sent three days prior to their arrival date. And this means the information that you send them will be timely and accurate, and of course, it will overall increase and improve the guest experience.  

How Do Hotel Task Management Systems Work?

Another vital automation tool for hotels is a task management system. Setting up a task management system means that every time a guest request comes in, it enters an automated process that ensures that no one is ever overlooked. Tasks can enter from guest feedback, such as reviews and surveys, and also come from your guest messaging system or chatbot. They can also be sent in manually.  

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Tasks are set up in a way that they will always be sent to the correct person, department, or workgroup that can actually deal with them. In order to support your business goals and your KPIs, hoteliers can easily set up time parameters and escalation rules, to ensure that all feedback is taken into account and no task is overlooked.  

By structuring an escalation process within your organization, management will always have full visibility of when tasks are meeting their deadlines and be alerted if it is missed. This in turn allows managers to keep an eye on service levels and also ensure that no guest is ever left hanging.  

All in all, by automating operational processes, hotels gain visibility on the root causes of repetitive complaints or queries, and can continuously improve their service by better understanding operations.  

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