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hero illustration blue reviewpro Demystified: Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Leading Source of Online Reviews

In recent years, has emerged as a review powerhouse, generating 43.4% of total reviews worldwide, far more than any other review source, according to ReviewPro’s Q3 2022 analysis.

At the same time,’s Source Index, or average review score, has fallen 3.5 points since Q3 2019 and is now the lowest of any major review source.  

In this webinar, we’re thrilled to have Booking.comjoin us to share the latest research, product updates, and insights for improving review scores and driving more visibility and bookings on this vital platform in 2023. 


Topics include: 

  • The latest review data from and its impact on overall reputation 
  • How’s guest review and scoring system works 
  • How review scores affect hotel search rankings and traveler purchase behavior 
  • Strategies for improving review scores  
  • Spotlight on hotel sustainability in 2023 
  • How to use the API to streamline management responses 



  • Charlotte Munro, Global Product Marketing Manager,  
  • Danica Smith, Director of Product Engagement, Shiji 
  • Daniel Craig, Founder, Reknown (Moderator) 

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