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Global Hotel Review Benchmark Q3 2022: Focus on Semantic Analysis

In the third installment of the Global Hotel Review Benchmark Report, we leveraged 1.5 million online reviews to take a closer look at semantic analysis and what is driving guest satisfaction up or down.  

This report focuses on:

  • Focus on Semantic Analysis: what are guests saying in their reviews? What is driving guest satisfaction up or down?
  • Key recommendations: on how to leverage guest review and sentiment analysis trends to benefit your business.
  • Three-year comparison: we are comparing Q2 2022 with both Q2 2021 and Q2 2019.
  • Expert insights: commentary from a range of experts and hoteliers.  
  • Key findings on: review volume, review ratings, star segments, review market share, management response, and more.
  • Global and regional data sets on: Global Review Index metrics (GRI™), review sources market share and volume, sentiment analysis and categories affecting reputation, management response and more.

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