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Guest Experience Benchmark Q2 2023

Guest Experience Benchmark Q2 2023

Welcome to the Q2 2023 edition of the Shiji ReviewPro Guest Experience Benchmark. The report contains our usual data set PLUS NEW: City Hotel Ranking and City Benchmark.

In addition to the regional guest experience data sets, we have analyzed the top 20 5*, top 20 4*, and top 20 3* hotels in the following cities: New York, London, Dubai, Sydney, Cape Town, and Rio.

We also took 50 of the globe's most iconic hubs and present you with the average GRI of the city so you can benchmark your hotel against the average of your area.

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The report includes:

  • NEW: City Hotel Ranking (Six of the globe's most important cities with 20 hotels ranked by GRI in the 5*, 4*, and 3* categories: New York, London, Dubai, Sydney, Cape Town, Rio).
  • NEW: City Benchmark (50 of the world's leading cities and their average GRI score)
  • Key findings for the entire report and data set.
  • Global and Regional guest review data sets with insights.
  • Tips and best practices to support your online reputation strategy.

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