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Can Messaging Help Create More Personalized Guest Experiences?

Personalization is so much more than just welcoming back a returning guest or suggesting recommendations based on their previous stays.  

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Why Is Personalization Important?

The hospitality industry is rapidly undergoing a lot of changes, but the core remains the same: create remarkable guest experiences, that create memories for years to come. How to do this? Create an experience tailored to the needs of your guest. Personalization is what will set you apart from your competitors and create long-lasting guest relationships, a better online reputation, and in turn, increased revenue.  

What Is the Role of Messaging in Personalized Guest Experiences?

Guest communication is essential to create a personalized experience, and messaging is the most effective channel. Globally messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, etc. have been growing exponentially. So, it is time for hotels to embrace these new channels and communicate with guests in a more conversational and personalized way.  

However, to set themselves apart from competitors, hoteliers need to anticipate the guests’ needs by proactively reaching out to them. For example, sending out pre-stay communication shows that you truly value your guests. Even a simple question such as “what kind of pillows do you prefer?” already shows that you care about the guest and are personalizing their experience. You could also include an upsell opportunity, like a spa or restaurant reservation and even the room service menu.  

To avoid overwhelming your guests with irrelevant communication, you need to segment your audience. This allows you to send specific communications to your guests who booked through an OTA, another to your VIP guests, and another to returning guests.

And at the end of the day, that is what hospitality is all about – personalizing the guest experience, and messaging is a great way to achieve it.  

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