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How Do I Measure The Guest Experience?

Delivering remarkable guest experiences lies at the heart of hospitality: offering great service and an experience that won’t be forgotten. But how can you measure the guest experience? There are a few ways you can understand how successful you are.

Guest Reviews as a Temperature Check for the Guest Experience

One way to understand what the guest experience is like at your establishment, and to understand if your guests are having positive experiences, is by analyzing your online guest reviews.

On online review sites, your guests will share their experience on your property for everyone to read, both positive and negative. They will give their stay a score and in some cases even leave some written feedback. This feedback is gold for any hotelier to understand how the guest experience is like at their establishment, what guests like the most, and what they dislike.

To analyze this feedback in the most efficient way, a guest feedback platform is essential. All reviews from hundreds of review sources are aggregated into one platform and by segmenting the data, you can deeper understand what type of guests are most satisfied, if your main markets are happy, what the evolution is like over time, etc.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys to dig into the Details

Although online reviews offer you a great window into the guest experience at your property, they often lack detail, and you are not able to direct the feedback to certain aspects you are more interested in. For this, you need guest satisfaction surveys, so you can measure the guest experience in more detail.

Guest satisfaction surveys allow you to dig into certain aspects of the guest journey, that interest you more. If you recently introduced new technology in the room, you can add a specific question about your new tech options. This will allow you to gather large amounts of data on that specific topic, whereas this might not have been mentioned in most online reviews.

You can also get feedback on the entire experience and request a rating for several aspects, so you can compare the experience of Food & Beverage, to cleanliness, to the front desk, etc. This allows you to take specific actions where your guest experience suffers the most.

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But guest satisfaction surveys also give you a good view of the guest experience in general. You can ask for an overall score of their experience, as well as the infamous Net Promotor Score (NPS) which tells you who of your guests are active promoters, are neutral, and who can even hurt your reputation. The better your guest experience, the better your NPS score.

In the end, to create a better guest experience, you first need to measure your success. To measure the guest experience, you need guest feedback, which can be offered to you via guest surveys or online reviews. A good guest experience management tool will then allow you to manage both from one platform.

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