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How To Make Your Hotel Tech Implementation A Success?

Once you’ve decided to implement new tech in your hotel tech stack, you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For that to occur, an implementation strategy is key for success.  

While there are many good software providers out there that can be of great use for your company to be efficient and flexible, in order for the digitization process to be really successful, you will need a well-constructed plan.

Technology doesn’t really run by itself, how it is used will really determine the success. The same goes for your staff and guests. For example, if your staff do not know how to use the technology, they will not be able to adopt it. The same applies to guests, if they do not know how to use it, they will be unable to make use of the technology as well.  

The success of your digitization relies a lot on engagement from users on all sides. While adopting new technology is needed in modern and uncertain times like today, the decision needs to be made purely consciously and not heartedly, to ensure the overall adoption is successful.  

What Makes a Strong Implementation Plan?

When introducing new tech to your existing tech stack, it is vital to communicate clearly the timeline and actions that need to be taken by which members and departments. Even though it is difficult to anticipate certain setbacks, you should be transparent about it.

We recommend starting off with a pilot in one establishment to smooth out any potential bumps in your plan, so you can share the results with the rest of the team and give them confidence about the two as well.  

When it comes to guest interaction, determine how will you actually get them engaged. Advertising any of the new digital services you are implementing will definitely be one of the options available, and think about getting feedback from post-stay surveys to improve any processes in place.  

All in all, sticking to the timeline in the plan is important, but actually being able to react swiftly and to adapt to any situation will be the key to overall successful implementation.

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