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Why Is Guest Experience Important?

The very core of hospitality is a great guest experience. It should also be central to your hotel operations because getting it right means that guests will talk positively about your hotel in online reviews, and even return to your hotel as loyal customers.

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The best type of marketing is a happy guest, so you want to ensure that you are setting and even exceeding guest expectations. However, understanding and delivering what the guest needs can be tricky, as guest expectations can change over time.

Setting the correct expectations is key and begins before the stay at your hotel. During the stay, you can employ tools and techniques to help you ensure exceptional guest experiences, and after the stay, you can collect guest intelligence that will help to guide you to make operational and service improvements that will improve the experience for future guests.

How Do I Improve the Guest Experience?

To improve the guest experience, you must first understand your guests. You can do this by collecting guest feedback across all key touchpoints in the hotel journey and using guest experience management software to view it all in one place. This information can be from online reviews, guest surveys, or messaging that has come in from guests. By understanding what guests are saying, brands can gain valuable insight into areas where operational and service improvements are needed. Hoteliers can then take action to fix problems for future guests, or if the guest is still on property can employ service recovery right there and then.

By using guest experience feedback tools, hoteliers can easily identify areas for operational and service improvements and prioritize actions to more consistently deliver great experiences. They can implement processes to communicate with guests in real-time, resolve issues efficiently, and find ways to drive higher guest satisfaction, increase bookings, and ultimately boost revenue.

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