Introducing the first-ever infographic for the Q1 2024 Guest Experience Benchmark Report!  Download it here.

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How can guest data help you be competitive?

Online reviews offer a wide range of guest feedback data, helping you get ahead of your competition by enabling you to understand your guests’ needs and expectations. Guest reviews are constantly evolving and are different per stay, so your hotel always needs to re-evaluate its strategies based on the feedback received.

By using the semantic analysis tool on ReviewPro, you can understand better how your health and safety procedures are being perceived, but also your guest experience in general. Don’t forget to keep an eye on other areas of your property,  as guests will remember and mention if breakfast was not up to standard for example.  

You can also do the same for your competitors, to fully comprehend their strengths and weaknesses and position yourself within the market, especially if they have more positive reviews than your establishment.

How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Comparing scores and segments will also help you get a better grasp on how you can get ahead. It’s important to understand how your competitors reply to reviews. In fact, studies show that guests are more likely to book a hotel that responds to negative reviews compared to a similar one that does not.  

By reading reviews of competitors and comparing performance, staff can gain critical insight into their property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to competitors. This information can also be used to position the hotel against competitors and develop the messaging you need to win business.

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