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How can a chatbot create better booking experiences?

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Creating great guest experiences starts well before your guest checks in, it in fact starts when your guest is researching your property and considering making a booking. Ensuring a good booking experience can help you boost direct bookings.  Here a chatbot can play a pivotal role, as it will smoothly guide your guests from asking for information into booking, delivering a frictionless experience.

How Can You Improve the Website Experience for Guests?

A good booking experience starts the moment your guest lands at your website.  By implementing a chatbot, your guests will be welcomed by your bot, which allows for a more personalized experience and for you to engage with your guests, without having to invest too many resources yourself.

Chances are that they are looking for specific information, needed to make their decision on whether they will book with you or not. A chatbot can support your guests by instantaneously responding to the most frequent questions from guests.  

How Can a Chatbot Improve the Booking Experience?

Once your guest is ready to book, your chatbot can guide your guests to finish off their reservation right on your website. So, how does this improve the guest experience?

  • Simplified booking process: instead of having to fill in a form, they can leave all the necessary details to complete the booking by conversing with the chatbot. There is no way of filling in the form wrongly!
  • Skip redundant steps: while the guest is conversing with the chatbot, the chatbot will already pick up on some key information, like “tomorrow” or “this weekend”, so it won’t ask for that information again, skipping redundant questions and shortening the process.  
  • Conversational tone: the conversational way of booking leaves for a more personalized experience, mimicking the experience of booking with a live booking agent.  
  • Favorite messaging app: the guest has the option to complete their booking from their favorite messaging app, like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. This means that a guest is able to book from their device of choice, and app of choice, easily accommodating to your guests’ preferences.  

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