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Summer 2021: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Overview: Summer is coming, and hoteliers will face unprecedented challenges, including navigating travel restrictions, balancing the expectations of vaccinated and unvaccinated guests, and upholding standards with reduced staffing and resources.

Meanwhile, there is intense pressure to generate revenue and make up for lost time. In our next webinar, we discuss how to make the most of a summer season like no other.

  • Who will travel this summer, and how will their expectations be different?
  • How to stay in tune with guest needs at every step of the customer journey
  • Maintaining high guest satisfaction levels with fewer staff and resources
  • Managing complaints and strengthening reputation as a key driver of recovery


  • Daniel Craig, Founder, Reknown
  • Florencia Cueto, Product Specialist, ReviewPro
  • Tatiana Labaki, Director Of Strategy & Operations, Emaar
  • Hannes Friebel, Quality & Training Manager, TUI Blue

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