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The New Hybrid Hotel: Staff & Technology Working in Tandem

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Part personal service, part automation and part self-service, the hotel guest experience has undergone a major transformation since the pandemic. Propelled by labor shortages, tech innovation, and changing traveler preferences, a new “hybrid hotel” model has emerged, combining the efficiency of automation with the warmth of the human touch.

How can hotels find the ideal balance, and how will it impact guest satisfaction? Join us for our next webinar, when we explore the opportunities and challenges of the hybrid hotel.

Topics include:

- Personal service vs. automation vs. self-service: key differences.
- When is automation the best solution during the guest journey?
- When is personal service more important?
- Automation in the back office: improving performance, not replacing employees.
- Leveraging automation to drive higher guest satisfaction and more revenue.


  • Daniel Craig, Founder, Reknown
  • Danica Smith, Guest Engagement Director, ReviewPro
  • Shazia Nazir, Corporate Manager - Guest Intelligence, Safir Hotels & Resorts

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