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Global Review Index™

The industry-standard Global Review Index™ (GRI) is an online reputation score used by thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management.

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Neil James

COO Shiji Guest Solutions

"Recency and volume are key when understanding how a hotel is perceived online by guests looking for their next stay. This is why we created the Global Review Index™. This algorithm takes into account multiple factors, is updated multiple times a day, and is exclusive to ReviewPro. I am proud to say it has become an industry benchmark for hotel online reputation."

The one score you should care about

Based on review data collected from 140 online travel agencies (OTAs) and review sites in more than 45+ languages, it can be calculated for a given point in time (day, week, month, year, etc.)

Cornell University  used GRI™ data to prove that a 1-point increase in a hotel’s GRI™ results in higher profitability.

Reputation = Revenue

A 1 point increase in a hotel’s Global Review Index™ equals up to
In Occupancy
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What is it used for?

The Global Review Index™ is used to benchmark an individual hotel or group of hotels, compare results between properties or against competitors, and track the evolution of a hotel’s performance over time.

Clients also use it to set quality objectives as well as optimize online pricing and distribution strategies.


How does it work?

All review sites require the consumer to give a general evaluation of their experience. This quantitative assessment is normally based on a rating between 0-5 or 0-10, but varies by review site.

The GRI™ for a specific date range is the average of the daily GRI™ scores that have been calculated during that date range.

The score is calculated on a daily basis for each hotel by analyzing the quantitative scores associated with reviews posted.

The GRI™ is calculated using a proprietary algorithm developed by ReviewPro in conjunction with input from industry experts and advisors from leading graduate programs in hospitality management. It is not an average of all review scores.

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Use the GRI™ as part of

Hotel Reputation

Analyze, understand, and measure online reputation results using the Global Review Index™️, a proprietary algorithm based on data collected from 45 languages across 140 review sites. Benchmark competitors, make data driven decisions, and watch your reputation and revenue grow.

Guest Experience Platform

Our powerful guest experience platform allows you to aggregate, view and manage all your guest feedback and competitors’ data in one central dashboard, so you can make data driven decisions and collect fresh information at key touchpoints across the guest journey whether that is in the form of a review, survey response, or messages.


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